A lovely lady stopped me and my friend Neroli and asked us for a photo
©Ana Patiño
Me and my friend Zoe on our way to Somerset house

EXCITING! Yes today was the official first day of London Fashion Week and I despite feeling a little bit sick to the stomach was EXTREMELY EXCITED. It took us a while to find somerset house but after quickly google mapping it we found it, and with a large sign outside it was pretty hard to miss! The weather was absolutely awful but still the fashion savvy were out in their droves in some of the most bizarre and flamboyant outfits I have ever seen, it was sensational to be able to stand and watch. Standing and watching wasn’t what I was there for though, as part of my uni project I had to film a shoot movie of fashion week as well as capturing street style. So I was forced to take my hands out of my pockets and face the cold to get as many good shots as I could. This in itself was quite scary as I was surrounded by strangers, I had no idea who was important or who just wanted to be seen and if i’m honest I felt a little out of my comfort zone.This didn’t last long though as I chatted to a lovely woman who complimented my jacket and asked if I would take a photo of her on her camera for her, which I did. We chatted some more and exchanged twitters and I found out she had her own accessories website, so soon after this I realized that fashion week is an absolute goldmine for making contacts. I persevered in the weather and took as many good shots as I could, at one point I found myself under a large umbrella with some fashion bloggers (magfashionavenue) who were also really nice and gave me their card, they wanted to take a photograph of a woman in a blue coat who looked really important, I wished I had found out who she was. I also saw Proudlock from ‘Made In Chelsea’ who was wearing a cool pale blue suit, he seemed really nice and had photo’s with some of my friends. Overall the first day went really really well and It made me realize how relaxed fashion week actually is, it was really nice to chat to so many people whilst getting my work done.


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