Today I had to get up at 5.30am to be ready on time to get a train at 6.45am. Thanks to the brilliant weather the South-West has been getting recently all the trains are mixed around and different to what we actually booked so when we board our train from Truro it’s actually at a different time. This means our tickets are still valid, however we have lost our seat reservations; to make things worst we also find out that we have to get a transfer bus in Plymouth because of damaged tracks out of Devon delaying our journey by about an hour. We finally get to a place called Tiverton which is where we get on a train FINALLY to London, we haven’t been delayed too much we are all just happy to finally feel like we’re getting close. Once in London though me being me manage to get myself stuck in the ticket barriers because of my luggage, so embarrassing as everyone just either stares at me or laugh’s and then a small Asian ticket man comes over a shouts at me for not going through the disabled barrier; like I was suppose to know! After this, I strangely get interviewed for magic radio, the woman asks me about our journey. The rest of the day is filled with sightseeing and shopping, I purchase a new top from Oxford street Topman ready for the exciting yet nerve wracking start to fashion week the following day. Image


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