After a positive day one I was absolutely ready for day two and my main goals were to get in a show and to carry on making contacts. The weather was a lot better therefore the overall turnout on day two was also better, meaning I could get a lot more video footage and photographs. Another reason for the large turnout was the fact the Channel 4 show ‘Made in Chelsea’ would be filming that day so everyone was keen to see some of the stars. They were in luck as once again Proudlock attended LFW, bizarrely though his entrance was filmed about four or five times, I managed to get some good footage of him being interview though. Jaime, Spencer and Victoria were all also in attendance too all of them also filming different scenes around somerset house, Jaime and Spencer politely agree’d to have a photograph with some of my friends. Once again I managed to draw some attention to myself as I managed to find myself taking part in two interviews, one must I say for the British Fashion Council and I also got stopped for street style by Pause Magazine. It felt really nice to be able to benefit and be inspired by fashion week as well as being able to give back to it. One of the most frustrating things when taking photographs was the fact there was SO many photographers there too, in fact at one point myself and one other lady stood patiently trying to take one woman’s photograph but she was busy being asked a million questions by some guy that had just taken her photo, if she wasn’t so cool I would have definitely walked away but I waited and got the shot.  As the hours passed I still hadn’t got into any shows, this was probably my own fault as I was very reluctant to even try without tickets because I was terrified of embarrassing myself. The first day a couple of us managed to get in to the cinema screening room for one show but there was no way I would go away being satisfied without actually getting into a show. Strangely enough it happened. Me and my friend Adrianna had been browsing through some of the shop spaces around somerset house when I decided to have a look through the window where I saw lots of people all stood in a smallish crowd outside of the show space entrance waiting for the Lucas Nascimento show. By just watching I realized that whilst people were being let in with tickets or invitations a lot of the crowd was made up by just people standing there, obviously waiting to see if there would be any space left at the end. I got the urge to join the crowd so we did, we also chatted to a few women who didn’t have tickets or invitations and were just seeing if they could get in. One woman told me she had gotten in to SEVEN shows the day before without any tickets and all of a sudden I felt so stupid for not even trying the day before at all!! We waited though and the crowd gradually got bigger when other people caught on to what was happening but luckily we were at the front. Eventually the show was starting soon and no one else in the crowd had invitations so the security men began to let people in and finally we were inside queuing to get into the catwalk space. I was so excited and absolutely over the moon for getting into a show  and we even got seats! The show started and like a 3 year old watching their favorite Saturday morning cartoons I sat in awe of the spectacle in front of my eyes, not wanting it to end, but quicker than I expected it did. The show was brilliant and I absolutely loved the colour pallet of the garments my favorite’s being a striped colourful dress and a short grey dress completed with blue shoes. After the show no more were being held at somerset house and that was the curtain call for fashion week for me as I was going home the next day, however it was nice to end on a high and I will most certainly be attending again.


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