Exhibition In A Week: SUBVERSION

As part of a collaborative project in the fashion department at university Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Photography all were put in to groups whilst in London over fashion week to do a photo shoot using designs garments and then put on an exhibition with the images. The name of the project was called ‘Subversion’ as we had to go against the norm and do something different, which is easier said that done. We shot our images around south bank and the Haywood gallery due to the colourful urban surroundings such as graffiti, as we wanted to juxtapose the more high fashion garments with the atmosphere of a streetwear shoot. We wanted to take the garments and make them more relatable to a youthful demographic being only teenagers and young adults ourselves. Once back at university we then were posed with the decision of where to display our work continuing with the theme of Subversion – so as you can imagine our first choice was obviously a toilet cubical. Now most people would think this is vile and disgusting holding a exhibition somewhere like that, but the project was about subversion and holding it in a regular gallery would just be too normal.  We only had a week to organise the whole thing, find a location, get our prints and get all the right paperwork such as insurance to make the event possible. We decided to contact a local bar in Falmouth called 5 degree’s below as many of us had spent a night there and the bar is extremely cool and has such a youthful vibe. In particular we liked the girls toilets as they have sparkly toilet seats, plus there’s loads of writing on the walls linking back to our shoot with all the graffiti, so we decided it would be perfect. We wanted to do our exhibition in a toilet  too as most exhibitions are held in large spaces, so we wanted a very intimate spaces to overwhelm the senses and make it less initiating than a large room, we also only let people in one by one so that they were not distracted by friends or others and could focus on the photographs and make their minds up themsevles.  Overall the exhibition was a huge success and we were all really happy with the outcome!


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