Rihanna’s 3rd Vogue Cover

I probably talk about Rihanna too much on my blog but I don’t really care because i’m obsessed with her and it seems so are some of the words most famous designers who have all been calling her ‘fashion’s most exciting muse’. Reading a really interesting article from American Vogue (read it here)  I found out about a journalist who spends the day with Rihanna to get to know about her life and her amazing fashion style by letting Rihanna give her a make-over. Also in the article you can read about all the good things designers such as Alexander Wang and Tom Ford have to say about her. As well as achieving her third Vogue US cover Rihanna also has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, 180 million singles, had 13 number 1’s on Billboards hot 100, 11 million instagram followers, 34 million twitter followers, 86 million Facebook followers AND won six Grammys!! The list goes on but there’s one thing that’s for sure and that is that this girl is unstoppable!


Photographs by David Sims


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