I WANT THIS: March 2014

Okay so i’ve been a bit distant from blogging recently since coming home from uni for easter, mostly because i’ve been working my arse off at work to make money so I can have some decent cash to spend in summer term! One thing I have been doing a lot of though is online shopping, I haven’t actually really bought much because i’m poor but I have been keeping track of lots of things I want!


Illustrated People Tee

Illustrated People Shark Tee   £35

I don’t even care if it’s in the womens section I really love this print because it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s described as over sized which is bang on trend with lots of shops stocking oversized tees at the minute. Another plus is the fact it is black and white meaning it can go with anything you want!



Reclaimed Vintage Bomber


Reclaimed Vintage Bomber Jacket  £85

If you’re a cheapskate like me then this will probably be slightly pricey which is why I usually tend to buy most of my bomber jackets from charity shops and vintage stores. However for me this jacket is really nice and sometimes you have just got to accept the fact you might need to pay a little bit more for a decent jacket. This jacket comes in a few colours but for me the red is a real stand out, I loved the addition of the ‘U.S army’ tag on the arm too as it makes it seem more authentic.

Monochrome Trousers

Topman Black and White Printed Skinny Trousers   £36

I actually did buy these trousers because they were selling really fast and I have wanted a decent pair of patterned trousers for a while. I was hoping to get some checked ones but I really liked these because again being black and white they could go with anything I want! I purchased a purple roll neck jumper to go with them (if I ever fancied looking smart rather than a tramp) but the jumper wasn’t a very good fit as I wanted it to be tight so in the end I ended up returning it. I think these trousers will be good for any formal occasions I attend in summer and would look nice rolled up slightly with a nice pair of boat shoes.


Zara Jumper

ZARA Striped Open Knit Jumper £22.99

This photograph doesn’t do the jumper much justice so you’d be better checking it out on the website! For me this is at a bargain price to say how expensive it looks. I think this piece could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, for me i’d probably wear it dressed down as a sportswear piece and make the most of the partly transparent panels on the jumper and pair it with a snapback and some trainers but I could also look great tucked into some smart chinos.


ASOS Gold Aviator Style Glasses

Reclaimed Vintage Gold Aviator Glasses £20

Everyone wants to look smart once in a while and metallic is on trend so for me these are the perfect accessory. I have actually purchased these from ASOS because I really think they would look great with a monochrome outfit to add a little something different. A lot of people have issues when it comes to fake glasses because some people think that it is taking the piss wearing them as a fashion item. I have no issue with them as they are fashionable and everyone should be able to wear them regardless of whether they are to look good or to just be able to see.





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