Vogue Festival: Photoshoot with Karlie Kloss for Vogue

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get to star in a photo shoot for Vogue with the magnificently perfect Karlie Kloss. A lot of people have been asking me how this came about, so I thought I would share it on here so I wouldn’t have to tell the story a million times! 

Meeting a world famous super model was something I never expected to happen at Vogue festival, let alone get to model with one, but it seems a lot of crazy things can happen at the yearly festival for the worlds most beloved fashion magazine. Still only just getting over the craziness of London Fashion Week, me and a couple friends from Uni decided it would be a good idea to attend Vogue festival as a talk from the photography legend Nick Knight was available so we all jumped at the chance. So we all booked our trains and arrived in London on the Sunday. Me and my friend Charlotte both from the midlands met at St Pancras station then traveled to meet everyone else at the South bank Centre. This weekend was meant to be one of the hottest of the year so I had argued with myself at 5am in the morning on whether to wear a jacket or not but in the end I decided upon wearing a green vintage silk bomber I bought from a shop in Sheffield. The jacket for me is probably what got me noticed, because a woman hanging around the entrance of the south bank centre approached us when we were walking around and asked me if I wanted to be in a photoshoot,  having been at fashion week I figured it would probably be for a blog or something – I was very wrong. Firstly she told me it was for Vogue which on its own made me so excited, then she told me I would be modelling with Karlie Kloss and I about passed out. She said the idea behind the shoot was to have Karlie model with some of the festivals ‘trendy’ youth which was very flattering to say the least! She told me to be back in the area in about an hour because all the people she had asked were going to meet and then the photographer was going to pick the final group who were going to model.

An hour passed and I was waiting outside the entrance with lots of other people who were all dressed extremely cool and then the photographer came over with the woman I had met in the morning and began to pick people out. I got picked then got lead off to a back part of the centre near some steps and the photographer began arranging us all – then Karlie arrived. It was a little bit like something out of a movie began she literally appeared to be walking in slow motion surrounded by a huge entourage, like seriously this girl needed some backing music to walk with or something!  With her perfect curly bob bouncing as she walked over, assistants then began doing last minute touch-ups on her hair and make-up whilst we all watched and then finally she came over. I sort of found myself staring at her without blinking because she was literally perfect, she made all us so called ‘trendy’ people look like common peasants. Despite the fame though she was absolutely lovely making small talk with us all and asking if we were having a good time and then the photographer began directing us all. Some shots we looked at the camera, others some of us had to pretend to talk, then he would take a few people out of shot and re-arrange. The whole time though I was sat about 30cm away from Karlie and it was amazing to watch her work as she had such awareness of every single part of her body and knew what looked good. She chatted to us about music, asked who we liked said who she did, she made us all feel really comfortable. Me being my stupid self somehow sparked a conversation about Eastenders and how the extras aren’t really having conversations they are just repeating the word watermelon to make it look like they are talking which we all had a laugh about (loser) haha! The shoot didn’t last too long as the photographer wanted to do some shots of Karlie with individual people and then she was due an outfit change. Unfortunately I had to leave because my Nick Knight talk was about to start so I thanked everyone involved and left. I cannot wait to see how the photographs have come out!
photo 2 photo 3


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